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A.I. & Blockchain Regulation

Malta led the blockchain regulatory front in 2018. This time around, the Blockchain Island is also looking to be a top 10 leader in procuring ethical A.I. legal frameworks. What developments are on the horizon for these exciting tech sectors in the grand scheme of things? Let's find out.


A European approach to A.I.

What does a European delves into technological, ethical and socio-economic implications of A.I. development. Time to dig in.

Ludovic Bodin


Fintech, Securities & Regulation

The financial services industy is pushing the envelope with regards to blockchain solutions, ETFs and regulating an emerging digital financial infrastructure. Let's hear what the experts have to say.

Jon Matonis

Kenneth Farrugia

Benjamin Griscti

Jacek Czarnecki


Inauguration & Welcoming Remarks

Eman Pulis

Max Studennikoff

Eric Van Der Kleij

Carla Vella


Keynote by Hon. Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat

Hon. Joseph Muscat


Keynote By Hon. Silvio Schembri

Hon. Silvio Schembri


Demistfying A.I.: The transition is closer than you think

Angelo Dalli


A World First - Giving a DAO its Legal Personality

After setting up a coherent regulatory framework for DLT in 2018, Malta is now working on a fourth bill that will give DAO its own legal personality. Watch this space.

Steve Tendon

Dr. Christina Scicluna

Leonard Bonello

Amandine Doat


Malta's Role in the World of Digital Economy

Malta has positioned itself as a focal point for business and trade in the digital era. How does regulation work as a means of attracting foreign direct investment?

Joseph Borg

WH Partners

Stephen McCarthy

Ian Gauci


Ramona Azzopardi


Innovating for Tech Opportunities across the Commonwealth

Lord J. Marland


Towards a common Sandbox Environment

An esteemed panel of Commonwealth representatives discuss the wide-ranging implications of a regulatory sandbox environment within the block.

Lord J. Marland

Minister Carmelo Abela

Dr Amanda J Sharkey


AI Framework Initiatives: How Should We Regulate AI?

A.I. developement poses significant opportunities in a digitalised business environment - but what of the risks?

Alexiei Dingli

Olga Finkel

Dinis Guarda

Eric Van Der Kleij


The Current Status of the DLT Regulatory Framework

What's happened since Malta launched its world renowned DLT regulatory Framework? Let's find out.

Jonathan Galea

A.I. Startup Pitch

10 AI Startups with innovative projects will pitch on stage in front of established entrepreneurs and savvy investors. Set your sights on the moon and battle it out in a shark-tank environment with some tough love from a select panel of stern judges.


AI Startup Pitch

World Changing Applications of Blockchain & A.I.

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence pose life changing possibilities as well as fresh 21st century verticals. As data continues to accumulate on public blockchains, merging readily available data on the blockchain and artificial intelligence systems seems not only inevitable, but eminently desirable. It’s time to navigate this uncharted territory and beyond!


Blockchain and the Future of Humanity

Vinay Gupta


How does Blockchain bring social benefits to Emerging Economies?

H.E. Khurram Shroff

Vinay Gupta

Neyma Jahan


Tokenisation of Real Estate

Max Studennikoff


Is a Global Decentralised Financial System a Possibility or a Utopia?

Bobby Lee

Eric Van Der Kleij


Bitcoin: a 21st century Currency Renaissance?

Tim Draper


How can we reconcile blockchain security with rampant hacks?

Over $15 billion have been stolen from cryptocurrency exchanges. How do we ramp up security to make sure this doesn't happen again?

Pascal Gauthier


Hacking the DNA of Humanity by Blockchain & AI

Dinis Guarda


An AI singularity: Is Machine learning on the cusp?

Angelo Dalli


Jorge Sebastiao

Thomas Power

Ben Goertzel


Data mining: Your online identity

A.I., big data, blockchain and online identity have met in an inevitable intersection. Let's dig in.

Michael Mainelli

John Calian

T Labs

Dr. Alexandra Mikityuk


What is Web 3.0 and why does it matter?

Larry Sanger


How Will Blockchain, AI and IoT Converge in the Next Decade?

Larry Sanger

Christopher Obereder

Fernando Martinho

Max Studennikoff

Mike Rosner


Decentralised AI: an Existential Risk or an Auspicious future?

David Orban

David Hanson Ph.D.


Cryptocurrency exchanges: opportunities and challenges

Kiana Shek


Game theory: how do we incentivise good behaviour?

Cryptocurrencies each have their own protocols and incentive mechanisms that keep their respective networks functioning. How does one of the world's leading digital assets utilise game theory to make good behaviour the norm?

Dr. Lars Brünjes


How Will Digital Currencies Change the World

Roger Ver


Keynote TBC


Ethical Implications of AI for Humanity

Thomas Power

Workshop Room

Room 2 - A.I. Thought leaders expand icon

Hosted by:


Introductory Keynote

Ben Goertzel


Regulations, Rights and Responsibilities for AI

An A.I. regulatory framework is clearly needed to address legal and ethical reservations. What should be the guiding principles for this movement?

Gina Smith

Massimiliano Caruso

Ben Goertzel

Amy Ter Haar


Towards Legally and Politically Savvy AIs

How might we build AIs that can understand law and policy? How might we meaningfully define AI rights and responsibilities? Is there an interplay between legally binding smart contracts and prospective AI auditors?

James Hughes

Vitaly Gumirov

Ani Sachdev

Ben Goertzel

Dylan Seychell


From Robotics and A.I. towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Dr. Nikolaos Mavridis


Advanced General Intelligence and the job market

How can advanced A.I. be used to empower people rather than disenfranchise them? Let's find out.

David Orban

David Hanson Ph.D.

Gina Smith

James Hughes

Ani Sachdev


AI in Malta

What collection of mechanisms would best incentivise AI startups, early-stage companies and needed talent to locate in Malta?

David Orban

David Hanson Ph.D.

Massimiliano Caruso

Vitaly Gumirov

Amy Ter Haar


Conclusion and Next Steps

Room 2 - A.I. & BC for Payments, Banking & Finance expand icon

Whether it's standard fiat, cryptocurrencies or 1:1 stablecoins, the time for electronic cash has come. Let's get into the disruptions, challenges and opportunities on the horizon.


The future of money

Parth Detroja

Aditya Agashe


Financial Disruption: Opportunities and Challenges

Whether it's payment applications with a low barrier to entry or Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, the established financial order is in for a shake-up. It's time to push the envelope.

Max Kantelia

Jeremy Musighi


Market sentiment, mixed emotions and crypto fundamentals

Bobby Lee


21st century risks: Banking and Cybersecurity

With the advent of mobile and third-party banking, maintaining security standards is of utmost importance. Cryptocurrency exchanges that share many banking functions are all too familiar with this phenomenon. What's to be done to mitigate risks in this new landscape?

Chris Grech

Sean Salloux

Paul Warren

Dr. Stefan Beyer

Jean-Michel Azzopardi


Payment Processors and the Need to Adapt

Paypal, WePay, Patreon and other payment processors have been around for a while. How do these middlemen adapt to the looming emergence of networked mediums of exchange?

Jovan Gavrilovic

David Gold

Calvin NG

Yanki Önen


Traditional Currency Vs Cryptocurrency

The Bitcoin halving is projected to occur in Q2 of 2020. By that time Bitcoin's inflation will be 1.8% versus the Central Bank's usual 2%. Let's discuss the effects this will have on competing currencies.

Arnaud Salomon

Dushan Spalevich

Andrea Castiglione

Matthias von Hauff

Dr. Jeppe Stokholm


Bridging the gap: crypto and Fiat currency

Oliver Prock


Addressing vulnerabilities for next generation cryptocurrency wallets

What are the vulnerabilities in the most popular software wallets on the market today? Is private key data leaking an issue? Let's dive into the vulnerabilities and prospective solutions for safely storing cryptocurrencies.

Brad Bulent Yasar

Pascal Gauthier

Robert Rhodin


Stablecoins, Money over IP and mass adoption

As Tether becomes the figurative punching bag of crypto enthusiasts, journalists and auditors, a plethora of stablecoins have now populated the cryptocurrency market. Is this the next step for mass adoption? Let's dig in.

Change and exchange: is a crypto market recovery in sight?

With reports of fake crypto exchange volume getting mainstream media attention, the question of cryptocurrency market health becomes ever more important. How will this affect the broader market recovery?

Pawel Kuskowski


Money, gambling and blockchain technology

JMent Lim

Room 2 - Understanding DAO expand icon

There are many paths towards a sustainable future with blockchain technology, but while still in the ‘work in progress stage’, DAOs have the potential to be game changers. From intellectual property to actual governance, DAOs give power to individuals by allowing for a true democracy - enhancing a struggling social layer, engendering business collaborations and creating accountability.


State of the DAOs

Beth McCarthy


Collective organisation and production in the DAO era

Daniel Shavit


TokenSpace: A visual approach to understanding properties of cryptoassets

Wassim Alsindi


Kelsen: Tackling corruption with Ethereum software

Louis Margot-Duclot


Blockchain partnerships in the real world, financial inclusion, DeFi (decentralized finance movement).

Gustav Arentoft


Open DAO: Prototyping DAO solutions

Beth McCarthy

Daniel Shavit

Room 3 - Driving Legislation in Technology expand icon

Hosted by:

The Blockchain Advisory Workshop


Opening Keynote

Hon. Silvio Schembri


Running an exchange in a regulated environment

Hirander Misra


ICOs & STOs – friends or foes?


Blockchain, DLT and Innovative Technology Assurances

Dr. Joshua Ellul


Delving into learning & technology: the importance of educative initiatives

Dr. Lars Brünjes


Tax or no tax: how cryptos are taxed in Malta

Antoinette Scerri


The use of smart tokens in securities field

Georgiy Gukasyan


Know your blockchain: compliance in DLT

Adam Vaziri


Closing address

Jonathan Galea

Room 3 - The Brokerage Event expand icon

Hosted by:


Fasten your seatbelts for an all-inclusive B2B matchmaking haven at best summit in town.

Applicants will participate in a one-to-one marketplace to:
  • Identify technology partners to develop new services & products in A.I. & Blockchain technology.
  • Partner with commercial entities to offer existing A.I. & Blockchain applications.
  • Exchange knowledge and expertise by networking with public and private experts on the latest disruptive technologies.
Developers as well as entrepreneurs and businesses will have the opportunity to open their horizons to various sectors such as retail, healthcare, creative industries, the financial services, information and communication technology as well as manufacturing and Blockchain. Join the pre-arranged face-to-face 25 minute meetings and explore the ocean of business potential and collaborative efforts! Register here

Conference Room

A.I., IOT & Big Data

It is estimated that nearly 2.9 billion people will own a smart phone by 2020. Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated each day, with ninety percent of world data being generated in the last two years. The scale and magnitude of A.I., IOT and Big Data is both unprecedented and a testament to the human desire to overcome the impossible. The question is: what’s next on the investment horizon?


Enough is Enough: The Power of Blockchain to End the Era of Big Data Breaches

Alain Falys


Institutional and Private Investment in AI

Alex Fayette

Tugce Ergul

Vivek Ramaswami

Sunil Chhaya

Cliff Go


AI Driving the Digital Transformation

Angelo Dalli


Our relationship with A.I. and robots

Tech gadgets are seducing us into new types of relationships. But what kinds of relationship can you have with a machine? It’s complicated, but let's find out.

Noel Sharkey


Artificial General Intelligence: fact or fiction?

Noel Sharkey

Ben Goertzel

Thomas Power

David J. Gunkel


Blockchain: The Building Blocks for AI integrity

Earle G. Hall


A.I.: Lessons Learned and Prospects Ahead

After decades of A.I. development it's time for a post-mortem on A.I. history as we begin to glimpse new horizons.

Dinis Guarda

Toufi Saliba


Blockchain in charities: a new way to ensure money goes to the right people

Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen, Archduke of Austria


Tech trio: The social significance of A.I., IoT and Big Data

Juliet Annerino

Titus Gebel

Jan-Peter Doomernik

Chris Vassallo


Emerging economies, credibility crises and cryptocurrency

Michael Nye


Malta Quantum Initiatives

Andre Xuereb


Reimagining big data in light of blockchain

Adam Back


Deterministically combating DeepFake A.I. using cryptography on Blockchain

Toufi Saliba


The attack on privacy and the need for metadata protection

Get ready as the god father of online privacy takes centre stage to talk about privacy crossroads before we kick off the STO battle.

David Chaum

STO Battle

15 STO's with the most promising crypto and/or blockchain projects will pitch on stage in front of established entrepreneurs and savvy investors . Set your sights on the moon and battle it out in a shark-tank environment with some tough love from a select panel of stern judges.


STO Battle

Blockchain Investment & The Future of Digital Money

Payments and investments are on an evolutionary fast track. From user-friendly value-transfer applications and innovation in outdated exchanges, to the massive boom in data verification protocols, a digital renaissance is undoubtedly inching towards the masses. How will traditional structures face up to this impending technological leap?


The Future of Digital Money

Bobby Lee


Overview of the global state of Crypto

Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna


Is it Time to Dive into the Crypto Rollercoaster?

Let's take a look at the Lessons learned and the horizons ahead in the $140 billion cryptocurrency market.

Steve Kelso

Alex Batlin

Dennis O’Neill

Dr. Evan Luthra

Patrick Lowry

Max Studennikoff


Investment: crypto equity and security tokens

Simon Dixon


Will cryptocurrencies Fail or Succeed?

Fasten your seatbelts as industry thought leaders go head to head in a fiery 'real-talk' debate.

Roger Ver

Tone Vays


Global Banking in the Digital Age

The relentless forces of progress are set to reinvent today's financial fabric from the ground up. It's time to turn up the heat in this fast-changing fintech landscape.

Simon Dixon

Kenneth Farrugia


Blockchain Investment: Has the Industry Matured for Institutional Investors?

Dennis O’Neill


All you need to know: STO's - IPO's - IEO's

The fintech industry is awash with acronyms and buzzwords. Let's delve into the differences and similarities from both a legal and technical perspective.

Giacomo Arcaro

Gordon Einstein

Kokila Alagh

Ruslan Gavrilyuk

Max Kops

Thomas Power


The Blockchain problem: Scalability at the expense of decentralisation

Alexander Borodich


What will the Future of the Fintech Industry Look Like?

Roger Ver

Alexander Borodich


A deep dive into the state of chains

Fasten your seatbelts as the legendary Brock Pierce takes out his crystal ball to delve into the current state of industry chains.

Brock Pierce


365 days later: which crypto projects are building the budding space?

Tone Vays

Alexander Borodich

Dotun Rominiyi

Yagub Rahimov


cryptocurrency and the intersection with iGaming

Erwin Dickman


banking the unbanked: the significance of borderless currency

Patrick Chang


A paradigm shift: Understanding Decentralised Finance

Jimmy Zhao

Workshop Room

Room 2 - A.I. & BC for Retail & Property expand icon

The dependance on third-party verifiers in property markets may be at an end.
As its intended use, the blockchain could act as an innovative, trustless safety-net that ensures both parties keep their end of the deal - reducing the risk of fraud in the process. By using a distributed database to prove authenticity, home owners could transfer ownership through a DLT-network, reducing costs as a consequence. The rental space could also be affected, as agents and buyers will be able to make use of an incorruptible resource that secures data by ensuring digital ownership.
This transformation wouldn't happen over night, but one can see how families and individuals would benefit as property innovations came to fruition. Let's discuss.


From proof of ownership to proof of work

Antonio Giannino


Machine learning in real estate marketplaces

The Broker vs. Bot publication brought the worlds of artificial intelligence and customer service in close contact. Chat bots currently augment customer experience, but is A.I. set to replace agents entirely? Let's dig in.

Dr. Gege Gatt


When Blockchain meets retail

Originally used solely for financial transactions within the crypto-currency market, the potential of the blockchain technology has grown to offer retailers horizontal applications across areas such as payments, customer relationship management, real-time data and analytics. It's time to address how this tech is poised to reinvent the retail sector while underlining the regulatory challenges that lie ahead.

Thibault Verbiest


Real Estate and Blockchain: Best use case or all hype?

While blockchain technology may offer many solutions to challenges of liquidity, inefficiencies and high costs in the real estate industry, is it all hype or is there something significant going on here?

Alexandra Levin Kramer

Thibault Verbiest

Dr Henry Balani


Streamlining B2B payments and cross border transactions

Twenty-eight banks from around the world are currently participating in a SWIFT-driven blockchain proof of concept to determine if they can use it to settle cross border transactions.

Brad Bulent Yasar

Uldis Teraudkalns

Room 2 - A.I. & BC for Entertainment & Marketing expand icon

Tech and media giants like Youtube and Twitch took the entertainment and marketing industries by storm. As the onset of blockchain and increased automation bring about the next disruptive phase in this landscape, how can entrepreneurs and visionaries orient themselves to capitalise on these exciting new trends?


The bitcoin network effect and blockchain adoption rates

Tokens brought hope of solving a classic chicken and egg problem that many networks have in enabling the distribution of benefits through scalability and consumer engagement. However, many DApps have yet to reach mass adoption. What is blockchain meant to fix in current marketing mechanisms and what lessons can be taken from Web 2.0 to help with adoption rates.

Anna Frankowska


Web 2.0 vs Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is slated to be a new paradigm  that will facilitate the decentralised and democratic spirit of the internet. How does this emerging landscape compare to Web 2.0? Let's find out.

Dr. Alexandra Mikityuk

Marco Calicchia

Alex Nascimento

Daniele Monteleone


Personal Branding: Growth hacking your way to prominence

Those looking to make a name for themselves need look no further. Discover the tips and tricks to get to the top of the food chain and become a respected authority in your market using growth hacking and digital marketing techniques.

Giacomo Arcaro


Assets on the block: Understanding Virtual Ownership

Caty Tedman


Consumer demands and web traffic in the crypto era

User growth, retention and emerging consumer demands are prime areas rife with challenges and opportunities. How do today's organisations cater to newer generations in a burgeoning landscape that pays consumers for their attention?

Dr. Tiffany Brown

Sébastien Borget

Vaibhav Khadikar


Gamification and engagement in affiliate marketing

Tuning into people's natural tendencies and desires is a tricky task. Which new trends are shaping user interaction and engagement in today's world?

Franco Bondi

Dr. Denise De Gaetano

Benjamin Boyle

Ray Davies

Room 2 - A.I. & BC for Transport & Logistics expand icon

From conflict resolution to administrative efficiency and order tracking, blockchain holds the key to problems that have been plaguing the transport and logistics industry for decades. Let's explore some of these issues.


Uncovering blockchain use-cases: supply chain traceability

Giuseppe Perrone


Supply Chain 4.0: Redefining the relationship between Human and Machine

Gabriele Bernasconi

Eleonora Mulas

Premindra Rajaram

Lloyd Danzig


How blockchain will change the world of logistics

Guido Schmitz-Krummacher



The concept of a blockchain being a permanent ledger coupled with the hype around smart contracts can lead to a fundamental misunderstanding of how blockchain can be best used to revolutionise logistics. Neither the permanent ledger or the idea of smart contracts are important here — rather, it is the implementation of blockchain as a high-capacity PKI network that will really change the game when it comes to logistics management systems.

Richard Parris


Smart Crypto Cities

Maksym Vysochansky

Bruce Jeong

Eloisa Marchesoni


Understanding the utility of Non-fungible tokens

Matthew Arnett

Room 2 - A.I. & BC for Healthcare expand icon

The healthcare industry is drowning in data - clinical trials, patient medical records, complex billing, research and more. Being notorious for its administrative inefficiencies, particularly when transferring patient data across private healthcare providers, can data-handling be streamlined across the industry while ensuring increased security and privacy? Now is the time to discuss.


A.I. and Blockchain - the ideal relationship for success in Healthcare

Legacy system in the healthcare sector make life a lot harder than it has to be. How can A.I. and Blockchain bring these systems up to standard with today's flourishing tech space?

Stefan Buttigieg


Blockchain in Healthcare: the Ultimate case

Zain Rana

Dr. Denise De Gaetano

Henry Ines

Stefan Buttigieg


Blockchain, AI and Medical Record Management

What is the way forward for a decentralised health data sharing backbone?

Tomaz Gornik

Jake Azzopardi

Charlotte Sant Portanier


A.I. in Public Health: Shifting from reaction to anticipation

Hon Chris Fearne

Conrad Attard

Natasha Azzopardi Muscat

Stefan Buttigieg


Closing remarks

Stefan Buttigieg

Room 2 - Quantum Tech expand icon


Keynote Introduction


The Dawn of Quantum Technologies in Europe


The Industrial Adoption of Quantum Tech


The Potential of Investing Now in Quantum

Room 3 - Blockchain and Risk (BAR) Seminar expand icon

Hosted by:

The Blockchain and Risk Seminar creates a meaningful opportunity for people to explore these crucial topics. We know the burden of managing risk does not fall to a single area, so we have invited experts and thinkers from a wide variety of disciplines including data protection, cybersecurity, ethics, and from sectors such as finance, gaming, and law to share their insights and views on the future of risk management in blockchain.
The BAR seminar's purpose is to spark new ideas, to share practical steps, tips, and helpful methods and techniques. The aim is to assist people and their organisations in taking calculated risks and making intelligent decisions to decrease the disruptive element of blockchain and increase opportunities.

Brought to you by:
Blockchain Academy in collaboration with Marbral Advisory

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Control, Alt, Delete

Privacy and the right to be forgotten: placing personal data on an immutable blockchain and the GDPR implications. Advances in privacy and confidentiality

Dr. Terence Cassar


Regulating new techology frontiers

When is too little too much? Exploring the need for innovation and disruption while meeting legal responsibilities.

Dr. Christian Ellul



Cybersecurity risks and the blockchain including the impossibility of recovering cryptographic keys.

Howard Poston


Coffee Break


Blockchain - The Game Changer

How is blockchain changing the iGaming landscape and way players interact with the technology.

Carla Vella


Smart Contracts

How do smart contracts change risk assessments and could they be used to automate compliance and regulatory enforcement?

Fabio Hidlebrand


Ethics by design

Do privacy enhancing technologies offer opportunities to reduce risks and what is blockchains role in ethical frameworks?

Ivana Bartoletti

Room 3 - A.I. & BC for Social Impact expand icon

The same way poles oppose and compliment each other, so too could blockchain and artificial intelligence. As the IOT (internet of things) is setting us up for a revolution of connectivity, the advent of decentralised blockchain and centralised artificial intelligence could take societal organisation to a new level.

As demonstrated by IBM’s India Lab, food supply chain processes could be overhauled, accounting for everything from farming to the grocery store. IoT sensors on harvest fields could also provide the bedrock for innovative and efficient farming insurance that takes severe weather into account. In the pharmaceutical sector, medicine storage climates on the blockchain could optimise delivery conditions.

The social ramifications, particularly in emerging economies, are massive. Let’s discuss the social impact of these technologies together


Opening remarks

Chris Vassallo


Nature2.0: Insights towards the unimaginable ecosystems of tomorrow: Frozen mindsets, existing technology and the commons

Jan-Peter Doomernik


Utilising Blockchain Technology to Empower People

It's time for dramatic measures to be taken to empower people out of poverty. Blockchain allows for a whopping 80% cost cut while ensuring 100% transparency in this endeavour. Let's dig in.

Liliana Carrillo

Martijn Hekman

Duncan Murray

Claude Ebejer


Making Governments Compete for You

Imagine a private company offers you the basic services of a state, i.e. protection of life, liberty and property in a defined territory. You pay a fixed amount for those services per year. Your respective rights and duties are laid down in a written “citizen’s contract” between you and the provider. For everything else, you do what you want. Thus, you are a contracting party on an equal footing with a secured legal position, instead of subject to the government’s or majority’s ever changing will. And you only become a part of it if you like the offer.

Titus Gebel


Social Impact, sustainable development and financial inclusion

Severiyos Aydin

Barbara Lang

Neha Mehta

Lucas Zaehringer

Daud Zulfacar


From waste to resource

Chris Vassallo

Tabata Mussone

Neal Camilleri

Francesco Vauban

Mariano Jose Diaz Villafuerte


Doing well by doing good

The intersection between Blockchain and A.I. is set to spur growth for industries that focus on technology and sustainability. Let's dig in.

Kenneth Reece


A “Sharers Initiative” for Open Governance?

Eduardo Javier Muñoz

Francesco Carbone


Can tech tip the scale towards change?

As energy costs skyrocket and natural resources dwindle, the question of how, where, and when we use energy has become increasingly pertinent. Through data integration with tech such as A.I. and IoT, smart analysis has helped create an accurate digital picture of the sector, bringing down labour costs, allowing us to use energy more efficiently, and motivating users to become actively involved as consumers.

Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen, Archduke of Austria

Jan-Peter Doomernik

Juliet Annerino


Blockchain and Tech for Food Security

Steve Cachia


Startup investors should prioritize social impact over ROI

Jan Brody

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